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Argentine Tango

Argentine tango has been an integral part of Dance Underground dance program since the beginning.

Here is a line-up of our program:

  • Two weekly tango classes by Tony and Ilana, the founder and owner of Dance Underground.

  • Monday lunch time tango practice with a mini class.

  • Thursday late night tango practice.

  • Seattle's longest running Saturday night Tango social dance with awesome music, elegant decoration, tasty desserts and friendly atmosphere!


Weekly Schedule

Monday (Studio A)

11:00AM-11:30AM Tango Class with Ilana

11:30AM-2:00PM Tango Practice hosted by Steve & ab

Thursday (Studio A)

8:15PM-9:15PM Tango Class with Tony & Ilana

9:30PM-12:00AM Tango Practice hosted by Katheryn McDonnald

Saturday (Studio A)

8:15PM-9:15PM Tango Class with Tony & Ilana

9:30PM-1:00AM Tango Social Dance hosted by Tony & Ilana


Phone: 206-781-9553