Established in 2003, the Dance Underground is a Seattle based dance studio, co-owned and operated by two partners: Ilana Rubin and Tony Fan. Ilana and Tony are established dancers in Seattle with diverse dance backgrounds and teaching experiences.

Dance Underground is the ideal dance studio in Seattle with a mission to promote a wide variety of dance styles. Our program offers a full range of classes, social dance parties, and special workshops featuring international renowned dance instructors and choreographer.

Our objective is to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere in an elegant setting that allows for optimum instruction and learning. We promote talented instructors who are recognized for their teaching excellence and their dedication to inspire their students to grow and express themselves creatively. We also promote friendly social dancing on weekend nights where people can have fun, get loose, and make new friends.

Learning how to dance is not a difficult thing! It requires a little bit of time, a little little bit of effort, a positive learning atmosphere, and the right instructor, which you will find at Dance Underground!